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Adjustable Detachable Slimming Massage Hula Hoops

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A weighted hula hoop for joyful workouts!

Not exactly enthused about working out lately? Don’t worry, we’ve got a potential solution: hula hoops – a little throwback playthings that makes for a pretty terrific workout.

Multiple health benefits

Hula hooping involves total-body coordination, muscular endurance, and core stability, and all of these are even enhanced with a weighted ball attached. Sometimes, what looks the most gentler is even better than a cardio workout.

Achieve that slim waist!

Get ready to smile while you sweat, as you’ll notice considerable change in your body! Despite how simple hula hooping seems to be, it’s truly the best when it comes to weight loss and waist slimming.

Adjustable hoop

This size-adjustable hula hoop is made of lightweight ABS, hence it’s super comfy to resemble and swing around your body, and you can always carry it around after breaking it into segments.

Less pain, more gain

Some weighty or improper hoops can cause discomfort, pain and even bruising around the ribs, back or abdomen, and that’s why this type of “non-smacking” hoop gets so much love!

Slimmer waist is awaiting!


  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 

    • Hoop (Diameter): 45cm / 17.7in

    • Weighted Ball: 7 x 11cm

    • String: 25cm


Package includes

  • 1 x Hula Hoop

  • 1 x Weighted Ball with String

  • Sand Bag NOT Included.

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