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Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester

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Type: Type C

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Stay safe and sound in the holiday season!

Only Santa has a magical vehicle – don’t be drunk while driving! After each party, take a small alcohol test with our Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester and decide whether you should drive home or not to keep you safe and sound during this party season. 

Fast accurate results

Designed with a sensitive sensor system, our portable alcohol tester can accurately test your alcohol concentration and tell you if you're over the legal limit and be able to drive or not by alarming you with its light. 

Contactless breathalyzer

Our alcohol tester does not need to touch the device, without any buttons, just blow gently on the breathalyzer to get the alcohol concentration test result quickly. Thus, it is clean and hygienic, and can be used by multiple people.

Compact and portable

Small and portable, you can put it in your pocket and bring it to any party so you can always be aware of alcohol concentration. 

Wide compatibility

Our alcohol tester needs to plug into a mobile phone to use but don’t worry that it won’t be compatible with your phone as this tester is available in both Type C and iPhone interface. 

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  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 2.2 x 1.3cm

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