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Funny Interactive Cat Toy With Feather Ball Stick Gun

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Color: Pink

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Catch that feather!

The perfect present to banish boredom and make sure your lovely cat is active and entertained! Plus, it provides great fun and quality bonding time for both of you.

Keep your cat’s senses sharp

Regular play is essential for most kitties, especially solo and indoor cats who lack lots of motivation. A toy that is exciting, fun and unpredictable like this is the best fit to sharpen their instincts.

Encourage jumping & catching

With this enticing toy gun, the only things missing are the yowling lazy cats! Keep them jumping, pouncing, batting with the feather and staying healthy with every shot!

Form a strong bond

By directly interacting and playing with your furkid, a strong bond is gradually formed between you two and plus, lots of snuggle after playtime guaranteed!

Durable toy

The best cat toys for naughty pets can’t be just utterly adorable, but also reliably long-lasting.

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  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 11.5 x 4.2cm 

Care instructions
  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

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