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Luminous Camera Ring Glass Camera Lens Protectors for iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Color: Pink

Bundle: For iphone 11

For iphone 11
For iphone 11 Pro
For iphone 11 ProMax
For iphone 12
For iphone 12Pro
For iphone 12Pro Max
For iphone 12 mini
For iphone 13
For iphone 13 Pro
For iphone 13 ProMax
For iphone 13 mini
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Best companion for phone photography lovers!

As long as you have a cell phone with cameras on it, you better protect them at all costs as they are extremely vulnerable to dust and scratches.

Ultimate guardian

No scratch is allowed on your precious lens! Being resistant to most damaging factors, this camera ring is truly protection at its finest!

Stick effortlessly

You don’t even need a professional to level up your photography game! Simply clean the area, peel off the tape and stick them on to their places!

Perfect HD pictures

Worry not, this protective film pledges the prettiest photos! Unlike other competitors that blur everything out, with this you’ll get a supreme shield without scrimping on image quality.

Cool reflective effect

Turn the lights off, and bring on the real party with the coolest electric reflective cameras!

Fun pops of colors

Not only guarding your vulnerable camera lens against scratches, these little rings also spice up your smart device with colors and fun!

Inspire your style!


  • Material: Tempered Glass

  • Dimensions: 

    • Diameter: Varied To Each Phone Model.

    • Height: 0.4mm

  • Applicable Phone: iPhone11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone12, 12Pro, 12Pro Max, 12mini, iPhone13, 13mini, 13Pro, 13Pro Max

Package includes

  • 3 x Protective Film

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