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Resin Lava Dragon Egg Lucky Ornament

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Standard: Regular Stand

Option: Combo 4 Egg Dragon

Combo 4 Egg Dragon
Purple Dragon Egg
Blue Ocean Dragon
Green Flying Dragon
Lava Dragon Egg
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Your special guarding dragon!

Make all of your wildest fantasy dreams come true with these powerful winged creatures! 

Mystic dragon

Have you ever dreamed of having a powerful dragon for yourself? Or fantasized about training your own Toothless and stepping into a fantasy world? This charming dragon egg will make your wish become reality.

Symbol of luck

Combining the two elements, egg (the symbol of “prosperity” and “hope”) and dragon (the well-known emblem of “power” and “chances”), this makes a wonderful lucky decoration.

Glow near light source

Simply put this egg near a light source, or display it on the luminous stand to adore and enjoy its fantastic, charming, glowy gleam all through itself.

Exquisite detail

Extra thought and finest craftsmanship are what made this egg completely special. Hold it in your hand, take a look at all the little details and feel for yourself.

Multiple colors

Everyone has a distinctive favorite dragon, some love Fire ones while some adore Watery ones, so we offer a plethora of magical colors to suit everyone’s dream.

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  • Material: Resin

  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 5.5 x 8cm

Care instructions

  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 

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