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Reusable Self-adhesive Natural Looking Eyelashes

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Dramatic lashes to amplify your eyes!

Got clumsy shaky hands and always failed to put on beautiful eyelashes? The answer is not quitting makeup, but lies in these easy, reusable, simple-to-apply falsies!

Swift application!

Ifou love the look of fuller lashes and but despite the process of applying falsies, these are for you! Takes you 5 seconds to achieve your desired glamorous look with no skill or effort at all!

Outgrew the messy glue!

Sometimes the real struggle is not the fake lashes, but the messy adhesive glue! With these instead, no glue needed, neither a liner to go over the band, and they stay put and look amazing until it's time to take them off. 

Remove and reuse!

Once you take these lashes off, don’t throw them away, such a waste! Just rinse them with lukewarm water and store them in their box, they are ready for the next use!

From natural to glam!

Go full glam, why not? Big lashes do really complete dramatic makeup looks. But if ultra-thick lashes aren’t your thing, get a subtler look that blends seamlessly with your existing eyelashes with a natural pair. 

Here come perfect lashes!


  • Material: Synthetic Fiber

  • Eyelash Length: 

    • Natural: 10mm

    • Long: 7mm

    • Thick: 12mm

  • Band Length: 33mm

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash Only With Warm Water.

  • Let Dry or Pat With Tissue.

  • Store In The Package For The Next Use.

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