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U Shape Trigger Point Massage Roller with 4 Wheels

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Color: Blue

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Roll to remove muscle soreness!

This multi-functional massager is probably one of the best gifts you can have to ease muscle soreness, whether from working out or from normal activities.

Relieves pain & stiffness

Massaging rollers are generally used on specific muscle tissues to relieve muscle tension, soreness, or inflammation, and it is the best to increase the range of motion.

Targets multiple muscles 

Looking for a roller that works wonderfully for your whole body? Wise choice. This roller suits perfectly on your arm and legs, and it also doubles up as an impeccable neck and shoulder massager.

Easy to just roll

This roller’s bumps and ridges not only simulate a hands-on massage, but also get deep into your tissue if you want deeper pressure. Plus, the design makes it super easy to just roll around your body.

Ideal for warmups and after workouts

Whether you’re gearing up for athletics, gym, yoga, or just have some sore muscles to treat, a versatile massager like this is always a good investment.

Get in shape right now!


  • Material: PP + EVA

  • Dimensions: 27 x 25cm

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