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USB Fans Mini Time And Temperature Display with LED Light

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Watch, thermometer, or fan? It’s all! 

A fan that not only brings cool breezes but also shows you temperature and time, how incredible it’s! 

Fan you anywhere

This mini fan is powered by a USB port so you can bring it along and plug it to your power bank or laptop to enjoy the cool breeze anywhere.

Remind you about time

The special blade will create an LED clock face after the fan is turned on for about 30 seconds so you can always be concerned about your time when using this device. 

Display accurate temperature

When operating, this device also displays the accurate temperature when the clock starts operating.  

Easy to set up 

After plugging in, press the power button to turn on the fan. To set time, press and hold the power button until the clock hour hands start blinking and moving, releasing the button just before the correct hour. Then click the power button to adjust minute hands. 

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  • Body Material: Metal Alloy

  • Propeller Material: PVC

  • Length: 40cm / 15.7in

  • Fan Diameter: 8.8cm / 3.5in

  • Rated Power: DC 5V - 330mAh

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 

Package includes

  • 1 x Clock Fan

  • 1 x USB Cable


  • Keep Out of The Reach of Children When Operating

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