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Waterproof Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Holder

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Protect your phone (and your life as well)!

Holding your phone while riding is never a good idea. If you want to find your way under heavy rain and to be safe and sound at the same time, this phone holder is surely the perfect choice for you!

Ensure the best safety 

This holder holds your phone stably even on the bumpiest road, providing a safe and simple way to make calls and see directions without occupying your hands while riding. 

Totally shield your phone

The silicone brackets and pad protects the cell phone from scratches or abrasions, reduces vibration while the built-in sealing ring effectively copes with most rainy conditions

Firmly fixed

The specially designed mounting clamp is equipped with a penetrating metal axle and a quick release buckle, which make installation firm and easy.

View at any angle

The spherical joint of the bracket not only can adjust the tilt angle front and back, but also the phone can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally to meet more usage needs.

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  • Material: Nylon Fiber + TPU + ABS

  • Dimensions: 

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